Decision ID: 002368

In October 1991 the 1971 Fund Assembly decided to make a request to the Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) that an International Conference be convened as soon as possible to consider the draft protocols modifying the 1969 Civil Liability and 1971 Fund Conventions, the draft resolutions relating to treaty law issues and whether there should be introduced in the Fund Convention a system of setting a cap on contributions payable by oil receivers in any given State. The Assembly stressed the necessity of limiting any revision of the 1969 Civil Liability and 1971 Fund Conventions to these issues. The Assembly adopted a Resolution (No.8) containing the above request addressed to the Secretary-General of IMO.

Date: 30.09.1991
Categories: Administrative matters, Resolutions adopted by the IOPC Funds' governing bodies
Subjects: Resolutions, 1971 Fund Resolutions, Revision of the Conventions and preparations for the entry into force of amending Protocols