Decision ID: 002273

In October 1985 the 1971 Fund Assembly decided that contributions to the Provident Fund in respect of the Director and the Legal Officer should, on an interim basis, continue to be based on the pensionable remuneration scale in operation as at 31 December 1984, but that the difference between the contributions based on the old and the new scales should be reserved in a separate account, but within the Provident Fund, pending a final decision within the United Nations. It was further decided that if a solution were adopted within the United Nations protecting the rights of staff members in respect of whom the pensionable remuneration under the scale in operation as at 31 December 1984 was more favourable than under the new scale, then such a solution should also be applied, mutatis mutandis, to the Director and the Legal Officer, but that if the Director were to be unable to apply the solution adopted, the above interim measure should continue to apply and the matter referred to the Assembly at its next session. The Assembly also decided to raise the rates of contributions to the Provident Fund to 7.25% for staff members and 14.5 % for the IOPC Fund as from 1 January 1985 and adopted amendments to the Staff Rules accordingly.

Date: 30.09.1985
Categories: Administrative matters, Financial matters, Regulations and Rules
Subjects: Provident Fund, Staff Rules, Provident Fund, Staff Rules