Decision ID: 001858

In March 2006 the 1992 Fund Executive Committee recalled that in September 2005 the Commercial Court in La Roche sur Yon had rendered judgements in respect of four claims by estate agents in Vendèe for losses suffered in their activity of seasonal lettings of furnished apartments and villas in the year 2000, three of which had been assessed by the Fund for lower amounts than claimed, and one of which had been rejected, since in the Fund’s opinion, the claimant had not proven any losses. It was recalled that the Court had awarded the full claimed amounts to three of the four claimants, and in the case of the claimant whose claim had been rejected by the Fund, the Court had awarded an amount considerably less than claimed. The Committee recalled that it had endorsed the Director’s intention to instruct the Fund’s experts to examine the judgements and advise him as to whether the amounts awarded by the Court, or some of them, were not unreasonable, in order to enable him to decide whether or not the Fund should lodge appeals. The Committee noted that the Fund’s experts had expressed the view that the amounts awarded by the Court were unreasonable and that the Fund had therefore appealed against the judgements.

Date: 01.02.2006
Category: Legal actions
Subject: Judgements in respect of claims for pure economic loss