Decision ID: 001556

In May 2004 the 1971 Fund Administrative Council, recalling the criticisms of the 1971 Fund made in a statement by the Venezuelan delegation at its 13th (February 2004) session, noted that the Director had instructed a former Venezuelan Supreme Court Judge to review the legal proceedings that had taken place in the Venezuelan courts since the incident and to give her opinion on the validity of the criticisms made by the Venezuelan delegation. The Council noted that as a result of her examination she had concluded that all criticisms in the statement were absolutely unfounded and that the measures taken by the 1971 Fund in relation to the incident had been correct and totally in accordance with the instruments which governed the Organisation and its operations and in strict compliance with the policy of compensation and recourse laid down by the Governments of Member States. She had also concluded that the main reason for the delays in the court proceedings was the repeated pleadings and appeals submitted by lawyers representing some of the claimants and that there had been a lack of speed in the Venezuelan courts, including the Supreme Court, dealing with numerous proceedings,

Date: 30.04.2004
Category: Application of the Conventions
Subject: Criticism of the Funds