Decision ID: 001308

In May 2002 the 1992 Fund Executive noted that in December 2001 a person who had previously caused damage to the 1992 Fund’s offices in Lorient and Brest had driven a tractor into the Claims Handling Office building in Lorient, causing serious damage, as a result of which, the Director had decided to suspend provisionally the operations of the Office until the necessary repairs had been carried out. The Committee condemned the attack and invited the French authorities to take appropriate actions against the person responsible, emphasising the necessity for them to provide adequate protection against attacks on the Claims Handling Office, its personnel and other persons working for the Fund. The Committee endorsed the decision to suspend temporarily the operations of the Office and other actions taken after the attack. The Committee stated that the safety of the staff of the Office was paramount and that if the Director thought that their safety was in danger, he would be entitled to close the Office, however regrettable that would be from the point of view of the claimants. It was noted that the shipowner’s insurer and the Fund had brought charges against the attacker.

Date: 31.03.2002
Category: Administrative matters
Subject: Claims Handling Offices