Decision ID: 001103

In April 2000 the Chairman of the 1971 Fund Executive Committee attempted to open the 63rd session of the Committee, but the Committee failed to achieve a quorum. It was recalled that at its 4th extraordinary session the 1971 Fund Assembly had adopted 1971 Fund Resolution No.13 whereby, whenever the Executive Committee failed to achieve a quorum, all functions undertaken by the Committee should revert to the Assembly. It was noted that in accordance with that Resolution, if no quorum was achieved, the agenda items should be dealt with by the Assembly at an extraordinary session. The Acting Chairman therefore attempted to open the 5th extraordinary session of the Assembly, but no quorum was achieved. It was recalled that Resolution No.13 created an Administrative Council and provided that the Council should assume its functions whenever the Assembly failed to achieve a quorum after the functions allocated to the Executive Committee had reverted to the Assembly. The items on the agenda of the Executive Committee’s 63rd session were therefore dealt with by the Administrative Council (at its 1st session).

Date: 31.03.2000
Category: Procedural matters
Subject: Quorum of the Funds' Assemblies and Executive Committees not achieved