Decision ID: 000948

In February 1999 the 1971 Fund Executive Committee noted that the Court of Session in Edinburgh had rendered a judgement rejecting a claim by P&O Scottish Ferries Ltd for losses from its ferry service from Aberdeen to Shetland as a result of a reduction in the number of tourists visiting the Shetland Islands and reduction in the volume of freight. It was noted that the Court had accepted the arguments advanced by the shipowner/insurer and the Fund and had considered, inter alia, that the losses were not a direct consequence of the oil spill, but were no more than an indirect consequence of the adverse publicity affecting the image of Shetland as a source of fish and fish products and as a holiday destination, and that the adverse publicity was in its turn a consequence of the contamination of other parties’ property.

Date: 01.02.1999
Category: Pure economic loss (general)
Subject: Specific claims considered by the governing bodies