Decision ID: 000905

In October 1998 the 1971 Fund Executive Committee, noting that neither the delegation of the former Chairman nor that of the former Vice-Chairman was a member of the newly elected Executive Committee, elected Mr A H E Popp (Canada) as Chairman and Mr M Janssen (Belgium) as Vice-Chairman to hold office until the next regular session of the Assembly. The Committee noted that the election was made on the understanding that, since Canada and Belgium would cease to be Members of the 1971 Fund on 29 May 1999 and 6 October 1999 respectively, the elected officers would not be able to exercise the functions of Chairman and Vice-Chairman after the respective dates and that consequently, a new election of officers would have to take place.

Date: 30.09.1998
Category: Procedural matters
Subject: Election of Chairpersons of the 1971 Fund and 1992 Fund Executive Committees and the 1971 Fund Administrative Council