Decision ID: 000675

In October 1996 the 1971 Fund Executive Committee agreed that since the whole of Pembrokeshire was a distinct holiday destination, many potential visitors would not distinguish between the polluted and non-polluted coast when deciding whether to refrain from from taking a holiday in Pembrokeshire due to the oil spill. The Committee also agreed that tourism businesses not located close to the affected coast, including those located some distance inland, could qualify for compensation, provided there was a reasonable degree of proximity between the oil spill and the reduction in tourism revenue, although the further away from the contaminated coast the business was conducted, the greater the likelihood that the criterion of a reasonable degree of proximity would not be fulfilled. The Committee emphasised that each claim had to be considered on its own merits.

Date: 30.09.1996
Category: Pure economic loss (tourism)
Subjects: Admissibility criteria, Link of causation between the loss and the contamination