Decision ID: 000612

In February 1994 the 1971 Fund Executive Committe noted that the Court of Appeal had granted the State of Italy £830 000 in respect of damage to the marine environment. It was noted that the Court had given no indication how the amount awarded had been calculated, but it appeared to be based on a certain quantity of fish that was not brought into existence and damage to plankton and benthos as a result of the pollution. The Committee noted that if the judgement by the Court of Appeal stood, the total amount of accepted claims would be below the limitation amount applicable to the Patmos and that the 1971 Fund would not be called upon to make compensation or indemnification payments, and that consequently, the Fund would not be entitled to appeal against the judgement.

Date: 01.02.1994
Category: Legal actions
Subject: Judgements in respect of claims for environmental damage